Multiple Conservative PACs Distort the Truth about Angie Homola – here’s the truth

In the Trump Era, Republican Greg Gilday knows that the only way to win is to lie and cheat. First his cronies paid out-of-country solicitors to conduct “push polls” in which they test the waters for baseless attacks that seed doubt. This week, the Washington State Republican Party (itself funded by Big Tobacco, Big Oil, Big Insurance, and billionaire developers) sent out a hit piece against me through a PAC that exclusively attacks state house candidates.

Their lies know no end, but I’m not bothered that they feel the need to attack me; this is an opportunity for me to speak to my politically formative time in the Island County Planning Department in the early 2000s, where I went from committed employee to whistleblower to problem solver.

When I realized my County Commissioner had a vested interest in me not performing the job I was tasked (writing design standards for Ebey’s Reserve which were inconvenient for his development interests), I was harassed and slandered at work. I resigned. Five years later, I unseated that Commissioner, and there solidified the Ebey’s Landing National Historical Reserve Design Guidelines and implemented greater worker protections to stop other whistleblowers from being silenced.

Then as now, I fought for the electorate to have a chance to hold corruption and misinformation to account.  Almost two decades have passed and my opponents continue to lie about my record in a desperate attempt to keep you from looking at theirs.  Oh, and for the record – the same donors who supported my former corrupt bosses are now paying for PACs to lie on behalf of Greg Gilday.  Big surprise.

It’s time to prevent self-serving politicians from dividing and stealing our country. With your vote I’ll keep doing what I do well – putting people and planet before politics and profit.


Angie For All