Newly Elected Precinct Committee Officers (PCO) Need to be Sworn in. Learn More!

Newly elected Precinct Committee Officers (PCO) need to be sworn in!

All elected PCOs should have received a Certificate of Election in the mail.

You need to take that to the Auditor”s office and get sworn in.

While they are not open to the public, they have a phone outside the office. When you call in they will come swear you in at the window.

The address is 700 South Second Street, Mount Vernon.

If you have any questions, please call them at 360-416-1702.

This requirement is set forth in the following RCW statutes: RCW 36.16.040 – Oath of Office; RCW 36.16.060 – Place of filing oaths and bonds; RCW 29A.80.031 – Precinct committee officer; RCW 29A.80.051 – Precinct committee officer—Election—Term.