From The Chair’s Corner: Angie Homola’s Opponent’s Attack Mailers and TV Ads

From The Chair’s Corner

“Angie Homola’s opponent is starting to flood the district with attack mailers and TV ads funded by his corporate PACs. That amount of money is hard to beat, but we WILL beat it because we have an incredible candidate, a strong campaign, and we have YOU!

  1. Let me know if you would like to send postcards! They have a fresh batch of postcards that I will be delivering all over Skagit and Stanwood on Saturday evening.

  2. Whoever wins will be the side that talked to more voters. The only direct voter contact they have right now is through phonebanking and your social networks. First, please sign up to phonebank! It isn’t hard and Kyler Parris is a patient teacher 🙂 Second, add (Kyler Parris) on Facebook so she can add you to a newly formed Angie supporter Facebook Group! This group will be critical to their campaign going forward.

  3. Show the district that Angie’s support is local and strong! Lit drops (mask and glove wearing doorstep delivery of campaign flyers) and sign waving show that they have numbers, and serve as reminders of the importance of down ballot races (I have convinced a number of registered voters to actually vote because of Angie and the importance of this local race!). Please sign up for these upcoming opportunities conveniently on the same form as phonebanks. Additionally, let Kyler know if you would like to be a sign wave or lit drop captain in one of our many locations.

Thanks everyone! As always, send an email, text, or call if you have any questions or additional ways to help to Kyler Parris at 425-772-6001 or

Lynn Campbell, Chair, Skagit County Democrat”