New Fidalgo Democrats Chair: Barbara Cooper and Questionnaire

I’m pleased to announce that the new chair of Fidalgo Democrats will be Barbara Cooper! 

Here is the questionnaire written by our steering committee.  Please consider it carefully and return with your answers by Monday, January 11th.  Thank you!

Corinne Salcedo



 1) Since going to Zoom meetings, our attendance has dropped, somewhat.

Are you not joining the Fidalgo Democrats meetings because they are on Zoom?  


2) Have you had difficulty logging on to the Zoom meetings? 

What would make it easier? 


3) Can you hear and see the speakers at the Zoom meetings? 


4) If the meetings were streamed, would you be more likely to attend? 


5) Would another day of the week be more convenient?

Would a different time of the day work better for you? If yes, please specify.   


6) Do you find the speakers and topics to be interesting?

What suggestions do you have for topics or speakers? 


7) What other suggestions do you have to improve the meetings? 


8) Would you like to be part of our steering committee, the decision-making group?


9) Would you like to be on a program committee to suggest topics or speakers for the general meetings?


10) Do you read the “News Bulletin “? 


Do you think it has value, and want it to be continued?

Thank you!