Message From Skagit Democrats’ Newsletter Editor, Don Ambrose

A message from the Editor
(Lynn asked me to pen something this week, so here goes.)

My wife and I just got our first COVID-19 shots this morning. I could not help but see some parallels with this and our political situation.

First, I feel a great sense of relief. After living with the constant stress and vigilance this past year required to avoid the coronavirus I feel like we have begun to turn the corner. By the same token, the inauguration of President Biden engendered a profound sense that our democracy weathered a prolonged and marked menace and came out the other side with an opportunity to reestablish decency and reason as a norm.

At the same time, we cannot relax our precautions. Even though the vaccine will bring some measure of a feeling of well-being, we must still wear our masks, social distance, and maintain our other safegards, both for ourselves and others around us. The same will apply to our work as Democrats. We must continue to fight for what is right, confront inequity, and advocate for reasonable and responsible government.

Both have required us to learn and implement new skills and disciplines – no easy task, especially for those of us (most of us) who experience resistance to change. All those habits and behaviors that have served us so well for so long may no longer be the best way forward. It is no easy thing to learn new tools, especially when the old ones feel so comfortable and familiar in our hands. Yet we know, however counter-intuitive it may feel, the we have to pick up the new tools and practice them until they take on the comfort and familiarity of the old ones. It is that practice, that use, that now makes them functional and effective.

So, to me, the lesson here is rather simple. Rejoice and enjoy our progress. Simultaneously, remain guarded, vigiliant, active, and progress-oriented. We’ve taken two steps forward. Let’s not take any back.