Party Platform:

Human & Civil Rights

We support the human and civil rights enumerated in the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.

We call on elected officials as well as other leaders to condemn domestic spying by agencies of the United States Government.

We urge the Washington Congressional delegation to sponsor legislation to repeal the Patriot Act.

We oppose:

  • The recording, filing or sharing of intelligence information thru library lending records, library research records, book and video store rentals, rental records, medical records, financial records, student records and other personal data, even if authorized by the USA Patriot Act;• Eavesdropping on confidential communications between lawyers and their clients.

We believe that marriage and domestic partnerships are human rights and should not be restricted by sexual orientation or gender identity.

We urge the public to refuse to sign any initiative and/or to vote against any referendum intended to take away the rights of Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgender individuals.

We oppose any measure brought forth to interfere with the rulings by the Human Rights Commission as well as oppose any future measure brought forth that would threaten the safety, security and wellbeing of transgender citizens of Washington State.

We support:

  • The removal of language in Washington State RCW that states the perpetrator of rape is a person who is not married to the victim and that the victim is not married to the perpetrator and is not his or her spouse;• The prosecution of perpetrators of the crime of rape/sexual assault within marriages as defined by revised RCW.

We believe White Supremacy and hate groups have grown in the Northwest, with hate and bias incidents increasing by nearly 40% in the last two years.

We support:

Denouncing the views and actions of White Supremacy and hate groups as incompatible with and a direct threat to the values of the Skagit County Democrats.

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