Action Newsletter for November 2, 2020

DEMOCRATIC EVENTS 1. NEW – Election Day is Tuesday!!! If you have not yet submitted your ballot, please, please, please, take it to a Drop-Box. Drop-Box locations are listed below. We have also been told the Skagit County Auditor’s Office will be open Tuesday night until 8:00pm. 2. NEW – Angie Homola is scheduling sign-waving […]

Greeting Card Fundraiser for the Skagit County Democrats

Greeting Card Fundraiser for the Skagit County Democrats Social distancing and staying safe makes it difficult for us to get out and look for cards to mark special occasions or just say hello. For a donation of $15.00 you will receive a box of 6 – 8 beautiful hand-made greeting cards. These are one of […]

Skagit Democrats Headquarters Information: Open Tuesdays & Thursdays Until Dec 17

The Skagit County Democrats Headquarters, 300A South First Street, Mount Vernon, will be staffed from 12:00pm – 4:00pm, Tuesdays and Thursdays until December 17th. Office not open again until January 5, 2021. “In our America” window signs in and limited in quantity as well. $10 each, no reserves, limit one. We have a variety of […]


FACE MASK FUNDRAISER: For a donation of $20 you will receive a hand-made face mask especially designed by an engineer/industrial designer at the request of the Medical Director of Pediatrics at Mission Hospital in California. The masks provide full coverage and are comfortable. If you would like to donate, use this link: Under purpose […]

COVID-19 Information, Staying Home is still the Safest!

Governor Inslee announces new COVID-19 restrictions Click Here for the Seattle Times report. Click Here for the Governor’s media announcement. Staying home is still safest We must prevent runaway spread of COVID-19 in Washington state. Our individual actions make a difference. Fewer, shorter and safer interactions are crucial. Staying home is still safest. If you […]

Constitutional Convention Presents Political Danger

NEW – A Lurking Hidden Political Danger Conservatives plan to use an Article V Constitutional Convention to amend the U.S. Constitution in some drastic ways in addition to their stated intent for a balanced budget amendment (BBA). Right now 32 conservative state legislatures have already called for an Article V Convention to create a BBA […]