Chair’s Corner: 2020 Draws to an End

Chair’s Corner
“As 2020 draws to an end, hope is on the horizon. I am eagerly awaiting the return of our democracy and look forward to civility, both nationally and locally, as our new team in the White House takes a seat. We finally have vaccines, which provides hope for all of us to return to normal life, and re-open our office. Above all, we want everyone to remain healthy and virus free.
As hate groups pop up and target our BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) brothers and sisters, we will continue to work to expand inclusion and diversity in our party as well as nationally. It is time for us to listen and implement changes in our hearts, our actions, and as an organization. Systemic changes are needed and will be closely examined. It is past time to not just say the words but to put our core beliefs and values in action every day and across every spectrum.
Biases are real. Racism exists everywhere both implicitly and explicitly and we must be mindful of our words and actions. We should focus on the words and not the people who say them. I am proud to say that we will have a committee of Inclusion and Diversity led by two talented individuals, Marco Morales and Lorena Perez. This committee will be representative of all of our community. This can be the start of rebuilding and I am looking forward to some real action items that Skagit County Democrats can implement and practice.
2020 was difficult for our downtown office space, our fundraising efforts, and all of our volunteers. To comply with Governor Inslee’s mandates, we were essentially shut down and despite this we were able to distribute a tremendous amount of signs for the election. Hats off to every single volunteer who helped place and install signs. There are so many “hidden” folks within our organization who do so much to support our candidates and Skagit County Democrats.
In an effort to quickly create a digital environment under which we could continue to function as an organization, albeit differently from the past, I appointed a new chair to the Communications and Technology Committee. Through the committee’s work we were able to come up with an infrastructure to support virtual meetings and a cloud environment to facilitate communication, document collaboration, organization, security, and accessibility for our digital assets. These quick decisions to modify systems and procedures maintained the functionality of our organization without significantly reducing our ability to perform our mission.
With that said, we have every intention of hitting the ground running on January 4th and doing all we can to support our local candidates in the coming cycle! In addition to working with you to recruit Democrats to run in down-ballot races in 2021, we need to remember that Senator Patty Murray and all seven of our Democratic Members of Congress will be up for re-election in 2022 – plus legislators in NEWLY-DRAWN districts!

We have a GOTV (Get Out the Vote) committee ready to hit the ground running based on in-depth data analysis and strategic planning in order to turn our county blue. We will work closely with PCOs to cover their precincts, and are looking for new PCOs to fill our empty precincts. Additionally, our priorities will include redistricting, launching special rural engagement projects, and continuing a comprehensive diversity and inclusion program to become a party that is inclusive of our entire community.
On January 9 we will hold our Reorganization meeting and elect new members to our Executive Board. They will hit the ground running putting into place strategic planning for the next two years. In the Spring we will be holding a virtual auction in order to support the continued efforts of Skagit County Democrats. Watch for announcements and information regarding our virtual auction.
None of this could be accomplished without the scores of volunteers who stepped up to help and all of our members who support our efforts. Beginning in January, every new member will be called, welcomed to our party, and encouraged to become involved In Skagit County Democrats.
Thank you for allowing me to serve as your Chair for the past year. Lynn Campbell”

 Skagit County Democrats Chair