Chair’s Corner: 2020 Challenges

“Best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving, Democrats! Although we are all suffering from COVID fatigue, we have much to be thankful for.
Final election results are about to be certified next week and in a week or two after that we will receive a Coordinated Campaign 2020 Wrap-up report. We will then meet with the state for our local results and begin to develop a strategic plan for Skagit County.  We are fortunate to have folks who are quite talented with data analysis and who have offered to assist with the organization and development of a plan going forward.
We also had an unexpected professional challenge this year -completely reinvent our method of communicating. This involved expanding our technology and learning to work in new ways. Our volunteers have worked very hard to meet the demands and learn new methods of making Skagit Democrats much more technologically progressive. We now have a shared drive which helps to promote transparency and succession. Procedures have been developed for the work that is crucial to the management of Skagit County Democrats.
Despite being unable to hold our gala in person, we have been able to raise enough funds to keep our office open and assist our candidates. That was no small feat and it is due to all of you who have donated so generously. For that we are all profoundly grateful. Planning for a virtual gala is underway, and we hope to have one in the Spring, so stay tuned!
Thank you again for your incredible investment in efforts to elect Democrats in Skagit County. Our volunteers, our donors, our ally organizations, our candidates, our Union partners, and our elected officials are simply amazing!!
We are excited that Dave Paul appears to have held his seat as Representative in the 10th LD. Although we are grieving the losses of Helen Price-Johnson for Senate and Angie Homola for Representative in the 10th, they did extremely well in Skagit County due to their hard work during the difficult times of COVID. We are excited about the 40th LD remaining blue and we have extremely hard-working and talented Representatives in the 40th.
The year-long redistricting process begins January 15th, with the naming of the four new commissioners by the Speaker, Senate Majority Leader, House Minority Leader, and Senate Minority leader by January 15th – more information on the process soon.
Finally, thank you to the PCOs who completed our PCO survey.
When I reflect on the numbers of volunteers who stepped forward and helped candidates, distributed signs, conducted phone banking, wrote postcards, cured the ballots and kept our office running smoothly, I am overcome with gratitude. Stay well, be safe, connect with the people you love, and continue to Mask-Up and practice social distancing. Enjoy the beauty that surrounds Skagit County!”

Lynn Campbell, Skagit County Democrats Chair