Party Platform:

Government & Political Reform

We believe that fair and free elections are fundamental to democracy.
We support measures to protect the integrity of our votes that include the following provisions:

  • Voting processes should be owned and operated in the public domain;
  • There must be a voter-verified paper ballot for every vote cast which will be the legal ballot of record;
  • Additional uniform nationwide standards should be determined by a non-partisan, nationally recognized commission;
  • Election Day should be made a national holiday;
  • All votes must be counted publicly and locally in the presence of citizen witnesses and credentialed members of the media;
  • Spot check audits conducted on 5% of all voting machines; these audits shall compare machine results with results obtained by human eyes;
  • Making voter suppression illegal;
  • Establishing the election of our President and Vice President to be a popular vote of the people;
  • Calling on the Washington State Democratic Party to study changing from a caucus format to a primary delegate selection process.
  • We support the American Correctional Association in its call to end the practice of withholding voting rights from parolees and people who have completed their prison terms.

We call on the Washington State Super Delegation to:

  • Apportion themselves between the candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination in numbers that accurately reflect the presidential preferences of voters.

In order to reduce the number of Resolutions that are not supported by data concerning their impact to the economy, the environment, or society,

We support:

  • Inclusion of verifiable data on economic, environmental, or societal impacts in any Resolution presented for inclusion in local, district, and state platforms.

We believe that campaign contributions by special interests corrupt the electoral process.

We support public financing for all candidates running for state and national legislative and executive offices.

We believe that taxpayer funded scientific research should strive to produce the best available science to inform policy decisions affecting our health, safety, and environment.

We support:

  • Scientific openness within all federal agencies that will promote the free exchange of information consistent with the scientific process;
  • Open and transparent science-based decision-making within all federal agencies;
  • Public access to government studies and findings of scientific advisory boards;
  • Scientists appointed to scientific advisory committees who meet high professional standards;
  • Ensuring that appointees to scientific advisory committees do not have conflicts of interest;
  • Investigating and acting to expose and enforce against abuses of science for partisan political ends;
  • Ensuring that federal agency scientists who speak out against the suppression or distortion of scientific findings will not face retribution.

We oppose:

  • Censorship of scientific studies and reports;
  • Explicit or covert questioning of nominees to scientific advisory committees to determine their political loyalty;
  • Altering underlying scientific facts and distorting and censoring scientific findings to serve political purposes and reach predetermined political decisions;
  • Appointment to scientific panels unqualified individuals who have financial ties or regulated industry affiliation that could represent a conflict of interest;
  • The disbanding of important scientific advisory panels;
  • The suppression, manipulation, and distortion of scientific research and findings for political ends.

We support:

  • Creating a Department of Peace and Nonviolence;
  • Calling for a Constitutional Amendment to overturn the United States Supreme Court decisions: Citizens United vs F.E.C and Buckley vs Valeo, which construed the spending of money by individuals, corporations and special interests in elections as protected free speech under the Constitution;
  • Lifting the income ceiling for Social Security withholdings.

We believe that the state is woefully under-prepared for earthquakes and other seismic events that can damage vulnerable infrastructure, including schools, public buildings, transportation, and dams.

We support:

  • Implementing the 2012 “Resilient Washington State” plan, and funding appropriated additional earthquake preparations as indicated by analysis of the 2016 “Cascadia Rising” exercise.

We believe that elected officials should adhere to the party platform.

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