Skagit League of Women Voters Action Group and MORE

There is a new Skagit League of Women Voters Action Group being chaired by Carol Sullivan (Carol, chair of Coffee ‘n Cards, which is on pause for the time being). Any questions, email Carol at

You might want to join this new action group for both League and non-league individuals.  The League needs your help in getting the word out to more Skagit residents.

Another committee, Observer Corp, is also forming to get citizens to public meetings of our public agencies (Hospital Board of Commissioners, Planning Commission, City Council meetings, etc.), and give them a way to report back to help the community understand workings of the most  basic parts of our local government. There will be more Observer Corp information at a later date.

You will learn well-researched positions on issues of importance to all Washington residents, and clear, easy to use ways to be citizen lobbyists. Legislative updates with specific actions are available on a weekly basis. And our local league will hold weekly training/education/issue group discussions open to all as part of our goal to keep people informed on issues and on specific legislation before our state legislature.

Please check the LWV WA website below to learn how the League takes positions, on what issues, and read specific Issue Papers on issues you, personally, care about.  You’ll see that you don’t have to check your values at the door when working through the non-partisan League.

Anyone may participate in the  training/education sessions that will be held on Mondays, 10 – 11 am. 

The first session, Mon., Dec. 21, will be training on using both the WA State Legislature website and the LWV WA website resources for citizen activists, with Martin Gibbins, LWV WA Issue Chair, presenting. 

Dec. 28 provides opportunity to learn why a Public Bank for Washington is supported by LWV WA, with Stoney Bird, LWV WA Issue Chair, presenting. 

On Jan. 4 Heather Trim, Director of Zero Waste WA, will discuss legislation to watch for on the consumer side of environment/climate change.

Here’s the ask:

Please note this news of the new Skagit LWV Action Group.  The flyer has info about the Jan. 9 LWV meeting with more information.

Here’s the outline:

What:  Advocacy Committee Action Group, guided by LWV WA state Positions and Issues, will take specific actions directed by weekly Legislative Action alerts sent on Sundays from LWV WA .   

Who:  Individuals (LWVoter members and non-members) interested in being citizen lobbyists. You participate not as a Democrat, Republican or member of any political party, but rather, as an individual interested in supporting positions taken by LWV WA (and, by extension, the national LWV organization.)

Where: Training/Education/Issue group meetings to be held weekly via Zoom. Actions are taken from home via email, phone or postcard.

When:  1st, 2nd 3rd Monday of each month, and 5th if available from 10 – 11+ am, commencing Dec. 21 thru May (4th Monday for Observer Corp** reporting)       

      Jan. 4:   Consumer Environment Legislative priorities, with Heather Trim, Director of Zero Waste WA    for all above sessions


Why:   Because being a citizen and a LWV member requires  participation in our government.  As constituents, we have the right to let our legislators, who work for us, know our position on legislation before the WA State Legislature.

How:  *Training/Education sessions will be offered during the Monday Action workshops. (i.e.: Navigating WA State Legislature Website, Dec. 21, Public Bank for WA,  Dec. 28,  Redistricting 101, Mapping Party, Speak Up Schools, etc.)

           *Action Group Email contact list will be created specifically for members to receive weekly updates.
             You will need to “subscribe” to this list.

           *During Monday Zoom meetings, Issue groups will meet in breakout rooms to discuss
             progress of legislation in a particular issue area.

           *Actions will be taken by individuals via emails, phone calls/and or postcards.
             All actions are taken as individuals, and not as spokespersons from LWV.

           * AoCC from Jen Hofmann when it is published, so that we can keep up with actions on a
             national level as individuals.

           * Actions on local issues will first be cleared with LWV WA.

           *Pat on the B or Send A Hug actions, made for post cards, will also be sent as individuals

This is a broad outline, and is subject to change after opportunity to learn from leagues who already take action.

Please visit League of Women Voters of Washington – Home  to learn the league position on issues that matter most to you.


**You are welcome to attend the Sat., Jan 9 Skagit LWV general meeting, 10:30 am to hear more details and learn about Observer Corp.

Visit our local league site to see what is happening here in Skagit County.  If you choose to join LWV, there’s a link for that, too!

Skagit LWV Home

*Observer Corp will function as a separate group, and you can participate as an observer as well as be in Action Group. Learn more from Observer Corp chair Amy Erie at the Jan. 9 Skagit LWV meeting