Chair’s Corner: 2021

Chair’s Corner
A message from Skagit County Democrats Chair, Lynn Campbell

“As we all keep our eyes focused on the National news, (Inauguration Day can’t come soon enough), we are still working hard at the local level. In regards to threats of violence, the situation is being monitored very carefully throughout our state and our local police are working hard to ensure the safety of all our citizens.

We have exciting growth in our organization, and new committee chairs are working on their plans. We are already meeting new members who are talented people with some interesting and fresh ideas which will promote moving our party forward in new ways while honoring the tradition of all who have worked so hard throughout the years. It is exciting to see the growth already happening. Change can be a positive experience, if we can let go of our fear and open our hearts and try to embrace it.

After every Reorganization, we form new committees and invite broad participation. If you are interested in participating, please contact Asheley Gregorious at Ashley is our new Outreach and Volunteer Co-ordinator. We are excited to have Ashley join our team. Information regarding committees can be found here.

We invite your participation so that we are representing all of our voices and concerns. Thank you for your continued support. Please feel free to contact us with any suggestions or concerns. Lynn”

 Skagit County Democrats Chair